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Competitors Who Read This Will Walk Away With YOUR MONEY!
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Competitors THRIVING while you are struggling? Confused why inferior products are out-selling yours 2-1? snapshot SEO  B2B   MarketingI’ve got all the answers and all you have to do is give me a few moments to explain.


My name is Don Halbert. You’ve probably never heard of me (I get that all the time) however it is my conceit that there is no other on the planet that is capable of delivering the results I can.


What is it I do? Well, I’m glad you asked….


Search Engine Optimization:

Simply put, search engine optimization(SEO), is the act of ensuring the highest possible webpage rankings in search results for specified target keywords. Eg: if you sell widgets then naturally you would want your webpage to rank as high as possible in Google for the term “widgets”


I’m not going to sit here and sell you on who I am and what I can do for your business but what I will tell you is that in the year 2000, I successfully ran one of the Internet’s most visited web sites. No it wasn’t anything shady like porn or gambling either. In actual fact, the site was so popular my Internet bill was $14,000…A MONTH! Not to mention my web site was featured on CNN during Super Bowl weekend.


How’s that for advertising? Now imagine what I could do for you and your company.


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I am Canadian, but whether I am in Spain, Canada, Mexico, the United States or in a hut on the beach in Costa Rica, the beauty of my work affords me the liberty of commitment to location.


Then again isn’t that precisely why you launched your online business to begin with — no borders?


If you have a company in Panama City, Vancouver, London, Madrid or New York, location has no bearing as to what I can accomplish for your business. If anything it’s to YOUR BENEFIT. That’s right. Due to my seriously low overhead, I can transfer the savings on to my clients and deliver EXPLOSIVE results at 50% of the price of my colleagues.


What Happens If I Ignore SEO And Continue Without It?

Two simple answers…


Answer #1: You may struggle along for a while longer but ultimately you will go down as just another failed .com business. You simply can not compete in the online marketplace without utilizing SEO. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to make YOUR WEB SITE…appear in front of those who are searching for your product or service. And if you don’t appear on the first page of Google…you don’t exist.


Answer #2: You will watch as your competitors nab all the clients while you sit back and remember the moment YOU READ THIS.


You must be careful with SEO because if one of your competitors heads out and hire’s a qualified and talented SEO (like myself), you will find yourself in a difficult position. For this reason it is always best to STRIKE FIRST.


Strike First – Strike Hard – Strike Often

If you are the type of businessman/woman who pinches every penny and expects to materialize their million dollar idea on a $20 budget…then this isn’t for you.


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However if you are someone who realizes the importance of search engine optimization and also understands that without investment you can’t expect return…in other words “you get what you pay for”, then read on…


For an extremely LIMITED TIME, I will be offering a heavily discounted evaluation of your web site. Normally an offer like this from a qualified and proven SEO can run in the hundreds if not thousands. But today I’m practically giving it away at such a ridiculous price that I’m even afraid my current clients might think I’ve gone bonkers!


The price for this INSANE offer is …$99.97 !!!


Once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor…please continue.


Clearly this offer won’t last long.


If after reading this you don’t take me up on my offer then you need to do everyone – yourself included – a favor…


  • Stop wondering why competitors are leaving you without leads, sales and not much hope for any kind of online success.

  • You need to stop wondering why your profits are non-existent in the online marketplace, meanwhile your competitors are THRIVING.

  • Forget about going global because clearly you are satisfied remaining in the stagnant state you are currently in.


Accept it…you’re a tire kicker who has no real interest in making your web site profitable. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Just don’t waste any more of your time and realize this is as good as it gets for you.


That being said – if on the other hand you are a business owner who is serious about their online success and wants to DOMINATE their competitors…then you need to click the button below NOW.




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