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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffett
Inbound marketing is the result of combining many individual Internet marketing elements and uniting them to form a bulletproof, highly effective marketing campaign that hypnotically induces a lead flow that COMES TO YOU!

Inbound marketing (IBM) has been touted as the “new age” marketing method that is proving it’s worth within corporate environments and Mom & Pop operations alike.

The most appealing portion of the inbound ideology is the thought of having leads come to you. Inbound marketing is an attraction based marketing method in contrast to the prehistoric methods of interruption marketing. Some examples of interruption marketing are: cold calling, unsolicited email blasts, mail outs, television and radio ads and banner ads to name a few. These all fall within the ambit of interruption marketing — an annoying form of marketing where vendors pursue their leads via advertising mediums.

Within the inbound paradigm we see the opposite — think of inbound marketing like fishing. You cast your line with your lure and you wait. Sometimes you might reel in your line to check your bait but other than making sure your bait is still there, you simple have to wait for the fish(leads) to bite.

  • Contrary to popular belief there is no “golden ticket” to Internet marketing and anyone promising outrageous claims should be avoided at all costs. This includes “SEO Experts” who claim they can get you #1 rankings. Remember…patience is a virtue and Rome wasn’t built in a day!
For some this can be a difficult concept to adjust to and in many instances we see companies throwing in the towel after a “medio palo” effort. It is important to understand that inbound marketing can/is the most profitable form of marketing today but if you’re lacking the patience…well you get the point.

Below is the workflow at the very core of any inbound marketing strategy however if you’ve heard enough and you are ready to get started on your own inbound marketing campaign…


1The creation of content that is unique, engaging and of the utmost quality, is the single most important element in your inbound marketing strategy. We make it “share-worthy”.


2Simply creating relevant and engaging content is not enough – you’ve got to now optimize that content in order to tie in the search engine optimization component.


3You can have the most ingenious product ever invented, but if no one knows it exists…you’ll fail. Promotion is the life blood of any successful content on the Internet.


4Conversions within any inbound strategy will ALWAYS (no exceptions) take place via a squeeze page or sales page. These are designed for one purpose…converting!


5The analyzation of the data is crucial. The importance of analyzing your data in order to determine what is working and what isn’t…can’t be emphasized enough. For it is here that we pour over the relevant data to establish the most profitable and effect route to take moving forward. After the analyzation process it’s a “rinse and repeat” cycle.

Inbound Level I

  • Setup & Keyword Research
  • Content Creation *
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Level I SEO (1 domain)
  • Landing Page Design
  • Research & Analysis

Inbound Level II

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Level II SEO
  • PR Creation and Distribution *
  • Web Page Design **
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing

Inbound Level III

  • 15k+ Contact List Access
  • Increased PR Distribution *
  • Level III SEO ***
  • Social Media Marketing Level III
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Analysis & Discovery

All of our inbound marketing packages have limitations including but not limited to: SEO, content and press release distribution, web page design and also the level of social media marketing/engagement. Please understand that each package price is based on the clear understanding that anything outside the levels offered within any particular package, will be billed accordingly.

We can also custom tailor packages should you have special requirements for your business. Possibly you just need SEO or reputation management — these are all things we can do to accomodate your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Worth noting is that although many of the elements of these packages are typical of any inbound strategy, we like to think that having a professional direct response copywriter handling the lead generation and conversions AND a certified professional inbound marketing educator…you’ll witness far better results than you might otherwise.

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Don Halbert is the ONLY certified professional inbound marketing educator in Central America.

His many accomplishments in the online marketing arena including being featured on CNN during Superbowl Sunday, attest to the fact that when dealing with Don Halbert…you’re dealing with experience and an intuitive and uncanny ability to consistently produce out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that routinely convert at higher rates than competitors. The experience, references and continued contributions to the online marketing community show a dedication and true passion unlike no other.

We understand the difficulty in finding the perfect fit with your organization when looking for Internet marketing firms, so we thought it would only be prudent to let our previous clients share with you their thoughts.

While other so-called SEO professionals are busy trumpeting themselves, Don Halbert is busy maintaining top ranking for his clients. We’ve yet to find one that compares to the results Don Halbert has shown us. There’s no denying his ability to get effective and rapid results that stand against the many different Google updates.

– Gonzalo Gutierrez
Partner at AG Abogados

Before hiring Don for SEO and marketing advice, we thought we were doing “ok” in that department – but what would happen after implementing a custom tailored inbound marketing strategy of Don’s would forever change the way we look at lead acquisition.

– Howard Brody
Author of Swimming With Piranhas

Don is first and foremost a social entrepreneur; a leader; and an excellent networker. He is an asset to any group or network.

– Kelly Patterson
Multi-Media Communications Consultant

The inbound marketing strategy Don designed for us was not only extremely effective but has stood the test of time. Highly recommended for anyone looking for results driven Costa Rica marketing on any level.

– Jerad Portner
CMO Sun Ranch Project, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Now that you’ve digested what inbound marketing is — and you’ve witnessed for yourself what others have experienced utilizing inbound strategies by Don Halbert — would now not be a good time to get started?

Possibly you are still sitting on the fence on this one — well, unfortunately this isn’t something you’ll want to procrastinate on given that Don Halbert is but one man — this limits the amount of contracts he can devote his attention to.

As much as Don would love to accept every business that contacts him, the reality is he’s not about to dilute his quality of work just to make more money.

With limited spots available, you are encouraged to ACT NOW!

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