It is important to note that I personally DO NOT offer SEO services however, I also understand that many of my blog visitors know this is the field in which I work. I am a technical SEO by trade. One of only a handful around the world. Without getting in to the entire nuts & bolts of what makes a technical SEO over a regular SEO I can tell you that professionals like myself work at a higher level. We operate mostly in the code and therefore we experiment and discover methods of search optimization others do not know about. As an example, myself and a VERY small group were the discoverers of 3 workarounds for a site punished by Penguin. While many people were stuck waiting months even years for a Penguin update we were able to rise our clients from the depths of Google to once again rank.

I love SEO. I love the science behind it. But this is not what this site is about. I am CEO of Inbound Marketing Group out of Victoria, BC, Canada and it is there that you will find these same packages and get the best advice possible. Click here to head over to IMG.

The pricing table below outlines the basics of what one could expect to pay but due to the delicate nature of what we do the best features can not be mentioned here therefore we ask that you contact us for individual one on one discussions on how we can improve your online presence and dominate the SERPs.

Guarantee? Unless it’s Google giving you the guarantee (which they never will) then no one has any right to guarantee search optimization success therefore you won’t find that here either. Anyone offering a guarantee should be avoided.

SEO Level I
Site Audit (basic)
Niche/keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup
Authority Link Building
Google My Business
Monthly Reporting
SEO Level II
Level I +
In-depth Site Audit
Authority Sourcing
Contribution Opportunities
Keyword LSI Grouping
3 Hours Telephone Support
*includes TOP SECRET T1
Level I & II+
Full Site SEO Integration
High Level Media Opportunity
1-2 Tier I Press Releases
Local & Nationwide SEO
Reputation Management
*includes TOP SECRET T2