Today I felt the heaviest earthquake I’ve felt to date. I mean this thing was nasty.

This afternoon at approx. 4:16pm, a quake hit off the coast of Quepos some 31kms down within the Earth. The earthquake was measured at a 6.3 making it larger than the quake from January 2009 that killed at least 13 people and devastated the Central Valley especially.

So far there are no reports of destruction and no tsunami warning was ever issued.

Here in the mountains above Dominical, the quake was felt the hardest. My home suffered cracks and the electricity pole outside will need repairing by ICE soon as the base has completely cracked away from the pole itself.

When the quake hit we grabbed everyone and headed outside to the street. While running past the kitchen you could see everything shaking and falling to the ground.

This was without a doubt the heaviest quake I’ve ever felt in my life. Now we wait for the aftershocks. 🙁

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