Well, it’s official. The Vancouver Canucks have eliminated the San Jose Sharks to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. It was 17 years ago now that a young Canuck team forged through the playoffs to face-off against the New York Rangers in 1994 for the Stanley Cup. And guess what? I was there!

So here is my dilemma.

I’m thinking hey…it only happens every 17 years or so….sooooooo…why not head back to Vancouver to catch a game – hopefully the Stanley Cup game?

The next few days here I will be heading in to price out some tickets home. I’ve got plenty of good buds back home capable of getting me tickets so I’m covered there.

I’m super stoked to head back so let’s see how this unfolds and if so I’ll be sure to blog from the game on my iPhone 4.

Stay tuned!


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