Chocolate Cake faceIt’s incredible just how fast time flys when you are having fun raising your one and only son. Skyler is now officially 1 year old and to ring it in, we celebrated like the Ticos are famous for.

Who’d have thought that for the birthday of a 1 year old, some 75 people would show up? Well here in Costa Rica that is common place to be honest. There were loads of kids, slushies, piñata and enough food to feed a country.

Ya ya…I know he’ll never in a million years, remember his first birthday but it was still a memorable experience to see him have that much fun and smile from east to west for the full life of the party.

hockey stick piñataThanks to some friends, earlier in the year they brought down some Team Canada mini-hockey sticks for Skyler to horse around with. Well as he gets older, he begins to explore the many uses of a hockey stick outside of the rink. On his birthday it was pretty darn hilarious to say the least, to witness Skyler whacking the piñata with a hockey stick. Something every single Tico had never seen before and found rather humorous. Go Canada Go!

My sister in Canada mentioned that we had to bake a chocolate cake just for Skyler and let him have at it. So that’s what we did. I guess some felt that he was poking at it and going a little slow so they splattered his face with the cake and as you can see from the photo, he wasn’t too impressed. Until of course…he tasted it! Mmmmmmmm…he said.

Like his father, Skyler has impecable timing and the night before the big party, he began to walk completely on his own. To be honest, almost everyday is something new and rewarding with him. I call him my little Frankenstein as he walks with his arms out for balance as he clubs his feet down one by one. Pretty funny.


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