As an expert in…well…any SEO, it just so happens that my primary target is Costa Rica – I am faced with challenges every single day. One of them being the social media aspects of SEO. It can really f*$# with your head to be honest.

Like a stock ticker – buzzing away and scrolling/streaming endless lines of statistical information before you…the social media can be the same. My weapon of choice is TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is a tool that allows you to monitor your entire ‘social network’ from a bird’s eye perspective.

Here's JohnnyThe tool is laid out much like a day trader might have whereas it is all displayed in columns for each individual network like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Then, as updates come in, you will receive Growl or popup notifications of activity pertaining to your accounts. And so the cookoo bird starts to sing.

You might be wondering why, if any, is it so important to tie so closely in with your social network. Well heres the thing…

These days more and more people are turning to the social web for questions and answers. Actually, I bet you didn’t know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and only surpassed by it’s owner, Google. Earlier this year Twitter announced their intentions of denting the search market also. The point is…more and more social oriented sites are gaining ground in to our mainstream digital lives.

Enter Klout.

Klout is the universally accepted social gauge on how far your word can reach. This little sucker will keep you wanting more.

If you are anything like me – and I’m assuming you are after all you are here – then you like a challenge. And when you involve a judge or prize to gauge your efforts…ITS GAME ON BABY!

So now thanks to finding my way on to Klout, I’ve found myself obsessing with my social reach. Now although I accept that Klout is slow moving, I still am trying my best to “help it along”. One of the steps I took was joining the invitation only, Triberr site. In my last post I outlined what this little sucker can do for your Twitter and blogging efforts so we’ll leave it at that. (Want an invite? Click Here Now)

And then of course there are the iOS devices we all own or crave to own. I’m talking iPhones and iPads. These don’t help. With options like “Push Notifications”, these devices are sure to notify you of every mention of yourself within your social network. Sure you can turn this off…but I’m willing to bet you don’t.

A friend asked me just today,

How do you keep tabs on all the incoming email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Triberr, Klout…yadda yadda yadda…?

…and I answered, “I don’t.”

I followed that by telling him that I probably miss about 85-90% of my notifications etc. But then again…will the world end? Highly unlikely.

One thing is for certain, and that is if you intend on competing with the ‘big boys’ of social, you’d best be prepared to A.) drive yourself crazy and B.) have no life outside your ‘virtual social existence’.

So do yourself a favor and approach social media in moderation and whatever you do…understand that competing in this arena…YOU WILL GO CRAZY.


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