Summer. I know that most of you are knee deep in snow right now but here in Costa Rica…it’s all good baby!

The last few days have really been spicy meatballs out there. And as temperatures rise, so do the tourist numbers.

The most common months for tourism in Costa Rica are between November and April. Personally I find that March is the hotter month of the bunch but then again who am I to say this isnt different in Guanacaste or other parts of the country. All I do know is it’s fricken hot out!

In addition to the heat, clearly this also attracts the friends and family.

Usually through the summer months we will get visitors from Canada, Australia or where ever else…and this always makes for interesting times.

My home is always open to guests and when someone comes this far, I think it only proper to show them a good time. I currently have a good buddy here now for example and in a short while it looks as though my best friend in the world will also be coming down. Which is kickass if I may say so myself.

Its for these reasons I love summer in Costa Rica. Pura vida desde Costa Rica amigos y familia!

Footnote: just before I went to post this I got another call from a very old friend that I have seen in quite sometime. Known him since I was around 7 or so. So things appear they are going to get busy with company very soon. Especially considering my 40th is coming!!!


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