If I were to believe all the hype, this will likely be the last time you and I ever hear from each other.

On December 21st of 2012, the Mayan calendar will come to an end signifying (in the minds of many) the end of the world. So I’ve set my alarm cause I wanna see that sun drop like rock from the sky.

Then again…the Latin American nations have never been the sort of culture to follow schedules and deadlines – it’s a “mañana” or “ahorita” kind of way of life. So why would anyone believe that the Mayans – who represent the heritage of most Latin Americans – would have the ability to pinpoint the exact date/time of the end of the world?

Actually I’ve got some Mayan friends who’ve I spoken at great lengths over this and here’s what they had to say…

As many foreigners will recognize, the symbol of Christianity – but most particularly Jesus Christ – is the fish. Well the end of the Mayan calendar simple represents the dawn of a new age. The age of Pisces (thus the fish) is coming to an end while we prepare to enter the age of Aquarius. This idea that the world will end is purely a result of this sensationalized media we’ve come so fixated with.

This came straight from my friend Jorge who lives but 100km north of Chichen Itza along the Mayan Riviera. He is still a staunch believer in ancient Mayan traditions and in fact is a high ranking priest who is called to do blessings on sacred land before construction can begin. This is because many Mexicans still believe these areas are haunted by their Mayan predecessors.

chichen itzaJorge told me a story one time of construction on a hotel just outside of the ruins of Chichen Itza. He said that when they began construction – without any blessings – they encountered one strange problem after another. From equipment breakdowns to tools going missing (not from thieves btw). Then at some point the workers onsite took a stand and said they wouldn’t continue work until a Mayan priest came forth and blessed the sacred land and received permission from the spirits there to continue construction. Well Jorge did the blessing and afterwards construction continued through to completion without a hiccup.

By now you’re likely wondering…”what’s all this got to do with marketing?”

In today’s wired world, many people live their lives by what they see day in and day out on the picture tube (aka TV). Our world is so saturated with sensationalization that millions become glued to the television (more so than a presidential election) just to see who the winner of American Idol will be. And when 26 innocent children and educators are gunned down…the media focuses on the killer and sensationalizes this heinous act of senseless violence so that anyone else pondering the psychotic thought of a mass shooting…can see the attention they can get by performing violent acts of random violence.

The media is the biggest influencer this world has ever seen – and when they began to focus on the so-called end of the world in 2012…it quickly became a world-wide phenomenon.

As we approach this media created end of the world date (Friday), we can’t help but to think of all the revenue it has created for many industries that have flourished amidst the 2012 End of the World frenzy.

The only thing coming to an end this Friday is going to be this steady flow of revenue that a wide cross section of businesses have monetized while preying on the susceptible and easily manipulated minds of todays society.

Question is…what will they come up with next?


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