Taking the Group Approach to Independent Thinking

funny pictures do not look behind you seriously cat 300x212 Taking the Group Approach to Independent Thinking

"This is it. F**k it. It is what it is"

No seriously though…it can be interesting to say the least.

My name is Don Halbert…and I’m a control freak.

Such is also true. But you know what? Ultimately it’s worked for me thus far so why the heck would I change now? Bah!

When I work with colleagues I’m always open to criticism and creative input. In fact they are normally the catalyst for something great. You see without an open mind in this industry you would surely go crazy but not only that…broke!

Personally I find that the most effective method is to close your mouth and open up your ears after you’ve created what your task entailed. Nine times out of ten the boss will not only criticize it but also deflate you considerably with his/her  ”input”. No fear however. Some of my best creative moments have come only after I’ve been mentally beaten to death on my original idea. You see…it pushes us to the limit in order to produce the best we can possible produce. Then again…

On the flip side of the coin is the fact that there is the chance that YOU were the one that was spot on and the boss was out to lunch. Trouble is…once it’s out there…we have no way of knowing if what you did might have worked or not. Such is life.

Pura vida.

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