Well not entirely accurate as I’m sure I was not speaking until at least 2 years but hey…you get the point.

Firstly I want to again apologize for the heavy delays in my blog posts its just been overwhelmingly busy lately with my world domination plan and all. In any event here it is…

Anyone who has met me will tell you I am a person of expression. I will tell it the way I see and simply refuse to sugar-coat anything. Sure there are those that can’t handle the truth – but that’s not my target client.

People I choose to work with are immediately informed that they won’t hear rhetoric or cliche catchphrases in hopes of dazzling them in to writing a cheque. I’ve had multi-national conglomerates who’ve come to me for advice in the past – some include IBM, Erickson, Sony, GE and more – all of which received the most honest down to Earth advice I could give them.

I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve heard complaints about self-proclaimed SEO specialists who’ve learned the lingo and done the circuit time and time again, all of whom seem to fall on their faces as they pass from one client to the next and leaving a trail of slim with them.

You see I don’t chase ghosts!

The fact is I am all about the money. Yup…I’ll say it! Money is after all why clients come to professionals like myself. They don’t care to hear BS achievements like, “but I rank #1 for “Costa Rica SEO” when the truth of the matter is…who on God’s green Earth is searching for that? Show me a big money phrase that you rank for – then you might get my attention. Until then they are simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing looking for their next victim.

As more and more businesses fall victim to this, the more astute they become and now we are finding that business owners are more capable of seeing through the facade and instead of cutting corners with their businesses, are beginning to realize the implications of hiring an unqualified online marketing representative. The truth of the matter is this…your online marketing professional represents YOU and YOUR BUSINESS online. Would you want that person to cast a shadow of doubt upon your organization by associating it with some seedy gambling company or worse, an adult site?

So why would you trust your website – and your online reputation — to an inexperienced amateur or a too-cheap scammer? A good indication of one might be someone that, as opposed to actually working on ranking their clients, is pre-occupied with bashing and attacking people like myself – actual professionals who haven’t the time to chase bogus terms worth nothing simply to make a statement.

In life and online, you get what you pay for. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Try to save a few dollars now by hiring a cheap, inexperienced, or shoddy “professional” and you’ll be guaranteed it will come around and bite you later.

Know who you are hiring and get references. Simple as that. And when I say references I mean ones of stature not Buck’s N’ Becky’s Bait Shop.

The best advice I could give would be to do research on the top niches in your immediate demographic and see who’s dominating and who’s behind putting them there.

PS: don’t be surprised if that person is yours truly. I tend to chase only the highest niche levels as opposed to playing games and chasing meaningless keywords no one is searching.  Take it from me…I’ve been – and remain – at the top so my knowledge is based on factual numbers in contrast to some of my colleagues who’ve can but only dream of having access to this information.

Remember…it comes ONLY to those who’ve been there. I’m one of them. Arrogant? Possibly. Then again there is a fine line between being arrogant and being confident. I feel I am the latter.


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