Well it’s finally come. The big 4…0. I am officially 40 now and how do I feel? Pretty much the same.

To be honest birthdays are like any other for me. I’ve never given much attention to birthdays but that does not mean this one wasn’t great because…it was.

Had some company in from Australia and from back home in Canada for my 40th and I have to admit…it was pretty darn cool. This Saturday I am scheduled to be hitting the high seas for some 1st time deep sea fishing for marlin, sailfish and dorado. I’d personally love it if I could catch a tuna for some fresh tuna to satisfy my sushi cravings for the next few months but hey…we will have to wait and see.

I had friends and family over for a great little party with fresh pargo/red snapper to dine on..I was on cloud 9.

Here’s to this Saturday and landing some marlin or sailfish. Boo-yeah!


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