French architect, Jean-Pierre Houdin, originally set out to solve one of the greatest mysteries man has ever faced…how was the Great Pyramid built? He sold everything he had and dedicated his life to solving this mystery. Fortunately for him he was discovered by a software development company called Dassault Systèmes out of France. They adopted Jean-Pierre and his theory and provided him with all the tools necessary to continue his studies.

While many of us have seen the National Geographic episode labeled, “Unlocking the Great Pyramid”, others have not. I myself have a few more questions for Jean-Pierre to address (should he spare me the time). Seeing as we have become pen pals over the past couple years since I first wrote on the subject, Jean-Pierre and I have remained in touch.

jean-pierre houdin

Jean-Pierre Houdin

As far as the Grand Gallery is concerned, in my opinion Jean-Pierre nailed that one completely and even when tested to the hilt by NG host and Egyptologist, Bob Brier, his theory stood strong. I mean he even challenged Jean-Pierre to explain the notches ascending the Great Gallery for which he did and then expanded further by showing him elevated grooves where further guides were placed. I thought this was brilliant.

But one thing that has been wondering is, while filming, Bob climbed the pyramid, as per Jean-Pierre’s request, to the enigmatic “notch” that has baffled Egyptologists for years. It was there he took photos, measurements and video. He even discovered a previously unchartered ancient room located behind the notch. What I’m wondering is, after he got everything to Jean-Pierre to analyze, what were his thoughts on the notch after receiving all the data? I know in the show they said it squashed his theory because the floor was uneven and the notch’s dimensions were not supportive of the hoists used to rotate the blocks. But I’m not satisfied with that easy dismissal so I ask Jean-Pierre to comment here if he can and tell me what his thoughts are after the show aired and anything new they may have discovered since. I do realize that Jean-Pierre is preparing for something big on January 27th but I sure hope he can drop by to answer just this one question I have.

As previously mentioned, Jean-Pierre is preparing for the imminent release of some “big news”, as he put in an email to me, so I encourage everyone interested in Egyptology to pay attention to the media on this day and wait and see what next great discovered Jean-Pierre has come up with. (((HINT))) I’ve guessed (from the hints provided to me) that it will make the internal ramp and existing diagrams of the insides of the Great Pyramid, EXTINCT. So this should be good!


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