My bad. Yes, it’s true…the other day I found myself hacked by my own stupid neglect.

Usually when I’ve made a boo-boo I will be the first to admit it – I’ve made a few of them.

The other day around 3:30am while wrapping up my work day (ya…I know), I noticed that my host had suspended my account due to AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) violations. WTH man?

I immediately got ahold of tech support on their to ask what on Earth they felt I had done. Long story short of it was that it wasn’t “really” something I’d done but more so what someone else had done.

This site had been hacked!

How? Well, because I neglected to keep the CMS up to date and a common exploit, TimThumb, had been compromised. How embarrassing really.

Despite repeated exploit announcements I continued on about my merry ignorant way.

However now all is good again and the site is 100% up to date and will remain that way in to the foreseeable future.

Lesson learned on this end and I would highly recommend all my readers keep their WordPress or W.H.Y. up to date and to use as minimal plugins (#1 suspects for breaches) installed – only what you absolutely must have!


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