Aside from bouts of blindness with my eye condition, I think this would have to be rainy season here in Costa Rica.

Not only a problem for me here, when I was back in Canada, Victoria also has it moments. I mean the first couple months I was in Victoria it rained for 28 days straight. Kind of strange for the so called sunniest place in Canada.

Now that rainy season is settling in here, the locals begin to settle in to their ‘rainy season routines’.

Of course right now it is a little odd to be raining as much as it is but considering that north of here, all up the Pacific Coast, they are on alert with over 100 homes being flooded. The weather we are having right now is what one can normally expect in October/November.

Earthquakes, torrential rains and winds oh my! However it’s all in the Costa Rican life we  choose.


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