Like the image of the USA wasn’t ruptured enough after 9/11 and the subsequent 10 year hunt for this notorious terrorist that, ironically enough, the US trained in helping Afganistan defend against the Soviets in 1979…now this.

What on Earth is the American government thinking? Election time nearing? Need ratings?

It has become an ongoing saga of one Hollywood production after another. Remember the rescue of Jessica Lynch?

Jessica Lynch "Rescue" Story Was A Hoax por BadKitty

I could post dozens and dozens of videos just like this one that show a Hollywood production that is pitched as “patriotism propaganda”…but I won’t. This site is not about subjects of this nature. I just felt compelled to write on this subject after watching CNN last night and seeing the crowds gather in New York and Washington chanting…AMERICA!…AMERICA!…AMERICA! I don’t see anything wrong with patriotism but this is ridiculous. Obama said they had the body of Osama Bin Laden in their possession and then before anyone can actually see it…they bury him at sea according to Islamic ritual? WTF?

Remember the respect given to Saddam Hussain and his sons? He was Islamic too but nobody seemed to care then. And Osama allegedly killed 1000’s more Americans than Saddam ever did. What about the victims of 9/11? No respect for them? Wake up people…you are constantly being lied to and it’s time to stop believing your government and realize when you are being played.


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