These days businesses look under every nook and cranny for that little edge that gives them the advantage but most importantly helps increase conversions.

As a professional copywriter, I have the responsibility to my clients to understand the psychology behind what influences people to buy.

testimonialsIt is in my opinion… and that of many others, that there are certain “tools” we have as copywriters that allow us to lower the protective guard of the reader.

And that’s harder than you may think by the way.

But one of the most powerful is… the testimonial.

If used correctly, the testimonial has the power to take your prospect off the fence and right inside the band wagon.

It is often that little extra push needed to convince the prospect to make a buying decision.

It’s always been about trust – always will be about trust – showing people that others have trusted you proves to them that they can trust you also.

Some may think that testimonials are overrated — I can tell you that of all my lead flow processed through this site, 90% of them are somehow tied to a testimonial mentioned on my web page.

It is advisable to always go for the testimonial… especially from influential and well known clients past or present.

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