We are all cut from the same cloth. Whether we are seasoned vetrans or n00bs, we all share a passion for online marketing.

It is the unsaid that gets me. The unsaid bond between SEO peeps is strong and even though you do not necessarily know or even communicate with 99% of them, they will still drop a “ReTweet” or a “Digg” just to help a fellow SEO out. That is the kind of camaraderie I like.

Every article I write whether for the AP or simply this blog, if the content is directed towards the SEO industry, I also find the support spectacular. So much so that I think I will change a few things about my daily routine in order to seek out other SEOs and help them in return.

I only wish there were an easier way to ‘organize and exploit’ this camaraderie more so we could all benefit on a much larger, more broad, scale.

{{{ POP }}}…just had a total brainfart and I think I’ve got an idea on how to make this work.Now I’ve just got to implement it. hmmmmmmm…..

In the meantime, if you are interested in Costa Rica SEO and Costa Rica marketing, then I encourage you to “Like” my Facebook Page. For your consideration I also will include an article I recently wrote for Newsblaze labeled, “Google Page Rank is Dead!(if you like the read please hit the “Digg” or “ReTweet” buttons and help a fellow SEO out!)

Pura vida.


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