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Interesting day today…

Started actually Friday around 1pm when I’d realized that if I have an issue that needs resolving over at Vertical Response then I’d better get in early on Friday to avoid going the entire weekend without answer. Yup. They love their weekends off over there.

So I called in early. Or so I thought.

Two empty promises of a call back by T2 support staff and of course the weekend comes and no one could be bothered. Pissed. Yes I was.

Then comes Monday. Bright and early I got on the horn with them yet again and they apologized profusely – like always – and told me that someone would contact me for sure within the next hour. Six hours pass I call them.

Ok this can only be one of two things. Either you guys are utterly irresponsible and incompetent and wouldn’t know good customer service if you hit you in the forehead. Or…you want me to go away you’re just too chicken shit to say it. So what is it?

I get the famous, “one moment sir let me follow up with tech support at T2.”

Well she comes back on the line to tell me that just now as I was calling, Tim…ya not sure who Tim is but he’s very elusive and not very efficient with a telephone, spoke to engineering and they said you’re SOL.

At this point I’m about to climb the nearest clock tower and start shooting people. Who does business like this? Nutshell background reality here goes like this…had three high volume accounts with Vertical. They blew the other two who went to the big boys at Infusionsoft while the one remaining high volume client of mine stayed with Vertical. Now they blew that one too.

So what does it all mean? Well the rocket scientists over at VR have decided that the $48k per year I was spending with them wasn’t as important as taking weekends off and calling the day early for beers and wings. I suppose. Either way they showed me the big social finger and told me to take my $48k/yr right to their competitors.

Who does that? I can’t make this shit up.

Now you might think I’m angry because of all the work this creates for me to source a new email broadcast company but it’s not it. Sure maybe a little but the real thing that’s pissing me off is to see such incompetence on this scale. Wonder how management would feel if they knew their T2 level support and sales people dropped the ball on a 48k/yr account because they were such pussies they couldn’t pick up a phone and say you know what Mr. Halbert, we think yer a dick and we’d like you to take your business elsewhere.

At least if they’d done that I wouldn’t have been so frustrated. I’d have known where I stood.

Time to send an appropriate email off to management over there and congratulate them on such a royal screw job.

PS: Hypermail is another slimeball company by the way. Those clowns will take your money and run for the hills then when you tell them you’ll charge back the CC they taunt you by saying in all the years of them doing business – which can’t be long – they’ve never lost a CC dispute. Real class acts…NOT.


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