Lord Stanley Statue

Lord Stanley statue in Stanley Park is fitted with Canucks jersey and a message.

Well, today was the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals of the 2010-11 season – and what a game it was.

As usual the nuckleheads took a few bad penalties but thanks to the hockey Gods…we withstood the Boston powerplay. The game was tight and with thousand watching outside the arena in the streets of downtown Vancouver, those freaky Canucks pulled it out of a hat by scoring with only 19 seconds remaining in the third period.

The game winning goal was scored by Raffi Torres, the Ginger on team Vancouver! It was a nail-biting finish as the better part of the population of Canada hung off their seats entering the final seconds of the game and half-assed expecting overtime. Then….THE GOAL! It was a nifty tick tack toe play started by Kesler and finishing with Torres’s game winner.

Apparently the news is reporting the series as the most expensive Stanley Cup Final ever. Tickets apparently were seen going for over two-thousand dollars while others preferred to wait it out until outside the arena turned in to an auction house with some tickets being sold $50 below face value.

The night went off without a hitch aside from traffic problems when fans hit to the streets after the game and congested traffic in downtown Vancouver.

It’s Canuck-mania in Canada with even politicians laying down wagers between themselves.

And now we wait for Saturday and Game #2 in Vancouver. Gonna be a gooder!


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