In this blog post I’d like to talk about how an SEO specialist (IE: me) and inbound marketer (IE: me) can operate their business from an iPad.

On April 3, 2010 when Apple launched the very first iPad no one anticipated what was to follow. The device would forever change the mobile computing landscape. Since then there’s been a series of revisions to the original iPad including the iPad 2, the iPad 3, the iPad 4 and now the iPad mini.

I myself was a late adopter to the iPad series – my first iPad was an iPad 3 or as some call it, the iPad HD.

When I first got my iPad I struggled to find any material on how SEO specialists utilize mobile computing via the iPad throughout their daily tasks. In fact, the only thing I could find was a smattering of content on how to use XML spreadsheets, some analytics and a few novelty apps, but not much more than that.

I didn’t hold much hope in the idea of much development going on as far as SEO software on an iPad. I even began contemplating the idea of developing some myself however time restrictions prevented me from doing so.

That was then this is now…

Nowadays things are very different – I use my iPad now almost more than my laptop for SEO oriented tasks. Yes it’s true – it’s primarily used for organizational tasks however it has many useful abilities for any on-the-go SEO.

The following is a list of iPad apps that I use daily to operate my very successful Costa Rica SEO and inbound marketing business from the beach, from the heart of the rain forest or from anywhere else I can get an Internet connection.

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evernote ipad1.  Evernote: this is the #1 productivity tool in my arsenal – in fact I dictated this entire blog post into an Evernote note before transferring it to my WordPress blog. Evernote allows you to sync all of your notes between your phone your iPad and your computer. You can also share notebooks in which you have grouped individual notes on a particular subject.

For me it’s indispensable given that I can share specific notebooks on a particular subject and share those with people that I’m collaborating with or outsourcing to. From there they can be edited from either end and it’s all in real time and synced amongst all of my devices simultaneously. A good example of this working particularly well is in the instance where I may have done a guest blog post. When I’m finished and I have the URL of my guest blog post I then apply that to the specific shared notebook where from there my outsourcers can start to build T2 back links to that guest blog post. If I could have just one app on my iPad it would be Evernote.

seo manager2. SEO Manager: this is a great little app that will display your rankings in the SERPs, your PR, your competitors for particular keywords and a graphical history report that can be emailed to your client.

Although this app is priced slightly higher than most applications at $14.99, I do believe it’s well worth it to have the ability to check your rankings at any moment while on the go. If there were just one thing I’d probably request with SEO Manager is the ability to use a proxy – which it lacks at this time.

analytics premium3. Analytics for iPad Premium: I realize there are two analytics applications on my list however this one’s worth mentioning if only for the beautiful layout and the ability to see live and in real-time what is happening on your website in a layout very similar to a stock ticker.

I can see live who’s visiting my site, where they came from, the pages they visit, the page they entered on, the page they exited on and every other little bit of conceivable information that you can imagine about your site visitors. Priceless!

YSlow iPad4. Safari w/ YSlow: this might be a little tricky for those non-techies however if you can apply the JavaScript bookmarklet this is indispensable. Anyone serious about SEO understands the importance of page speed and YSlow is the benchmark for discovering bottlenecks within your site. Please note that this is a “hack” of sorts meaning that you will  have to make a javascript bookmarklet to get this to work within Safari. However once you do get it working its worth it’s weight in gold!


koozai ipad5. Site Analyzer by Koozai: a relatively simply app (in fact it’s an iPhone app) that serves a rather small roll in my overall “SEO on the Go” iPad campaign – I use this app so that I can see at a glance, the site load time, indexed pages, age, page size, meta tags and a bunch of other relevant material required to evaluate any particular website on the fly. Although I hear their full service is “handy”, I’ve got no comment on it as the only thing I use from Koozai is this nifty iPad app.

FTP Client iPad6. FTP Client Pro: pretty self explanatory, this is a great FTP program that allows the full spectrum any SEO may need to make backend edits to things like robots.txt, htaccess, logs and other server side files. I never leave the office without this on my iPad if only as a security blanket in case of emergency I can login to my clients sites via FTP if need be. I’ve not downloaded the revised latest edition of this however I’m sure it’s worth the download/purchase if it’s anything like the earlier version I use.

dropbox ipad7. Dropbox: you didn’t think I’d have a list of the top iPad SEO apps and not mention this gem…did you? A little like Evernote, Dropbox is an absolute must for any SEO on the Go. You get 2gb free space out of the gate (FREE ACCOUNT) and then you can earn 500mb per referral to a max. 18gb on a free account. There are business and enterprise editions which scale to your growing business. In case you’re not familiar with the features of Dropbox then let me explain – the app is a cloud based file storage application that allows you to store photos, videos, files and whatever other digital content you may need stored. It also allows sharing of specific folders to collaborate with colleagues or family. Then it syncs across the web, phone, tablet (iPad) or any computer with Internet so that where ever you may be…you’ve got 100% access to your files.

Analytics HD8. Analytics HD: as one of the first Google Analytics apps to hit the iPad, Analytics HD offers a fantastic platform to evaluate the GA data of your client sites. It offers an easy to use layout that looks great in both landscape and portrait. My particular favorite part is the sidebar offers at a glance views of “Today” and “Yesterday” statistics along with the usual overview dashboard. Highly recommended for anyone serious about their analytics and wanting to know all the details of your site visitors including behaviors etc.

Numbers iPad9. Numbers: this is a standout star of the Apple line of iWork applications. It’s Apple’s idea of how Excel “should’ve been” and is an indispensable iPad app for SEO’s on the go! Not much more I can really say other than it’s a spreadsheet application – any SEO worth their salt knows the value in having a spreadsheet application handy at all times and in my experience so far using my iPad for SEO…all I can say is that Numbers is a gem in all areas. Especially in combination with a MajesticSEO or SEOMoz account for analyzing backlink profiles.

Wordpress iPad10. WordPress: another self-explanatory application that allows you to login to various client WP sites remotely and perform a variety of functions all within an application designed specifically for this purpose by the people who make the CMS. The functions include making new posts, reviewing comments, new pages and stats if you’ve got Jetpack installed on the particular site. Like most apps on the iPad, the WordPress app supports dictation which makes new posts/pages a snap!

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Honorable Mention:

SEO Quake: does this app really need any introduction? Seriously.

SEO Quake is a priceless addon to any browser that gives you invaluable information on sites that you visit across the Web including data like TPR, links, index count, directory listings, Alexa, site age, social signals and other relevant data necessary to evaluate any site on a SEO level. It’s also fantastic for evaluating and discovering linking candidates.

Note Taker HD: now this nifty little app servers a very important purpose in my SEO on the Go regime. It is an application designed for the iPad to help you quickly grab notes using your finger, stylus or keyboard. But whats best about it is…

Personally I use Note Taker HD to sign PDF documents! I absolutely love this app while it impresses my clients when I show up paperless and have them sign the dotted line ON MY iPAD! Later I can then send them a copy of the contract via email. All while never needing anything more than my iPad.

Scanner Pro: this is a pretty special app for me. Imagine yourself on the road and you’ve just received notification from the office that you have to sign and fax back a document that is critical to one of your clients. But you’ve got no scanner of course.

This is where Scanner Pro really shines. This little app has saved my hide on more than one occasion which is why it makes my honorable mention short list of apps to keep on the iPad if you’re an SEO.

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