Most involved in internet marketing and social media have a good grasp of what Twitter is all about. Not to mention the impact it can have on any internet marketing campaign. If you are an internet marketing specialist and you don’t utilize Twitter…well…I’m not too sure what more I can say other then…

turn off the computer and step away from the keyboard.” – you’re not fit to be selling internet marketing services.

Possibly you’ve built your “follower” count up to a couple thousand in hopes of landing a substantial audience that you hope will be responsive to whatever product or service you are peddling.

One problem…never quite works out that way does it?

Calling all Internet Marketing Experts…

I have seen fellow internet marketers spend hundreds if not thousands to build up their social reach in order to secure themselves a prime seat in the social media roundtable. However, the real reason we do it is not for the fame but rather…the fortune.

You see the money is in the reach. The more reach you have the more potential clients you can extend your products or services to. It’s not rocket science – the more punters you send through the doors, the more product you will likely sell. Simple.

So how do you go about gaining MAXIMUM EXPOSURE? One word…Triberr.

Triberr is a relatively new service however it is none the less an absolute powerhouse when it comes to bloggers and/or Twitter users. Let me explain why this service is something YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT.

The idea is that, with the collaboration of other fellow bloggers and Twitter users, you can ‘co-op’ your social marketing by combining the follower count of all members, in to marketing each others blog posts. Now before I get too deep, let me explain, in bullet points, the premise of Triberr.

  • Triberr is invite only.
  • Tribes (think groups on particular subjects) are invite only.
  • Triberr is based on the monetary system. The Triberr currency is “bones” and no…it’s not real money.
  • A creator of a “tribe” is consider it’s “Chief”.
  • The future of Internet Marketing is Twitter and the future of Twitter is Triberr.

    Now before you go all, “this is a cult” on me…it isn’t. This is a well thought-out and planned system to help promote the co-operative social marketing of the entire “Tribe”. Essentially you can now multiply your reach substantially and in turn…reach more punters.

    A likely scenario might go like this…

    A “Chief” of the “Tribe” for Internet Marketing might send you an invite to Triberr. You join using the invite code you are issued. You then become part of the internet marketing Tribe and are additionally given 3 Tribes of your own. You can rename and begin building your own Tribe immediately or you can take the time to learn from the vetrans. Which is something I recommend. Baby steps my friend!

    As the “Chief of Internet Marketing Tribe” on Triberr, I request that upon acceptance in to Triberr via the invite, that you then donate 60 “Bones” of your Triberr funds, back to the Internet Marketing Tribe. You see here’s the thing: once you are invited and accept, the Tribe is deducted 1 member slot. To start, every Tribe is given 7 slots. Further slots or expanding the Tribe, will cost 30 Bones. This way if you donate 60 Bones, you will be covering your own slot and granting us the ability to grow by contributing another 30 Bones for someone else to join. This way we don’t grow stagnant and can continue to grow.

    internet marketingSo with that being said, if you are someone that:

    A.) is an internet marketer with a substantial number of Twitter followers who wants to EXPLODE their reach and multiply their Klout a ten-fold.


    B.) is a serious blogger looking to EXPAND their blog reach and garner previously unseen traffic numbers.

    …Triberr is for you. One problem…it’s invite only? Well, I can take care of that for you. Simply contact me via my site form, mention Triberr and your Twitter name in the form, and I will personally evaluate your network to ensure you and Triberr would be a good fit. I can tell you now however that it is crucial to have at least a few thousand (prefer more) Twitter followers and a blog that doesn’t self promote or is filled with affiliate marketing. This is not what Triberr is all about. NO SPAM.

    If you are interested I encourage you to become part of the latest/greatest thing in “adrenalin-izing” your social reach. Remember…the early bird gets the worm.

    Why wait?


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