So here I am hangin out in the hot Costa Rica sun pondering to myself…I wonder if hash tags on all “trending” tags being mentioned in a blog post would affect anything? Let’s see ok?

I’m sitting on the beach one night catching up on my zodiac facts when I thought hey…my mom is a Sagittarius who constantly seems bothered by those pesky Scorpios. However, answer this for me…what is NOW PLAYING at the local theatre cause I’m dying to see a movie tonight. Maybe the A-Team? But then again isn’t it obvious that they should have kept that series buried in the 80s along with those long lost Tiffany singles? One thing is for certain though, u know things are hard when you get to the theatre and it’s now a Walmart/McDonald’s with an Apple store upstairs. Maybe the republic is falling?

You see what I did here? hehehe…me bad. I’ve taken all the up and coming hash tags ‘according to my Twitter account – SellingCR’ and incorporated them cleverly in to a blogpost. Wonder if this will affect the price of rice in China or simply be a waste of my oh so precious time. Well let’s wait and see.

Peace out.


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