These days adding background images and avatars to Twitter has turned in to a nightmare.

For the past year or so, Twitter has been consistently updating their status on this issue with empty promises of a “patch” to solve this ongoing thorn in their side. Yet nothing ever materializes.

Although the success of Twitter has swept the globe, is it possible for them to keep up with the increase in demand? Many experts agree that the day will come where Twitter will collapse and succumb to the pressures of success. Scalability should have been first and foremost on the designers minds while creating the service. I’m confident it was however to what extent I do not know. Every day the Twitter service goes down at least a couple of times or thousands of user receive the “Whale Fail” message that has become so common.

Whatever the case, I sure hope they sort this out and become the greatest social medium on the WWW…including knocking FB off their high horse.


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