These last few days have been something. Learning something new everyday I am (as Yoda would say).

Now that this site is up and operational, I’ve started to channel my creativity to other areas and one being my Twitter account.

I am researching many different aspects of this funny little bird. Ranked by Alexa in the 12th position as the Internets most successful sites, Twitter is a complete nutbar!

Tweets: by definition they are posts or status updates of 140 characters or less, on the microblogging site, Twitter.

Literally everyone is out there tweeting about Twitter. Movie stars, sports icons, Presidents, Fortune500 companies and even royalty! If you can think of them…they’re probably “twits” like the rest of us. Aside of course from Grandma Matilda who can’t be bothered with this new fancy fan-damble thingy called ‘the computer’. Besides, its’ just a phase we’ll all get bored of right?

For me Twitter works. Like a good Mac computer…IT JUST WORKS!

Twitter is good for me in many ways. It gives me the ability to share my point (in 140 characters of less) quickly and effectively to my target audience. Surprisingly it is also an effective tool in my Costa Rica SEO efforts.

Using Twitterific on my iPhone, I can do a quick ‘tweet’ and tag it with the specific hashtag for that targeted audience, and once the tweet is made, it is automatically (some setup required) updated on the specified webpage for that specific audience. Ingenious really. So for someone like myself who has many different sites on many different subjects/content, this gives new meaning to focalized marketing in a rush.

So over the next couple weeks I will be researching and learning, more and more about Twitter with hopes of gaining a better idea on how I can utilize this great gift to better serve myself and my clients. Pura vida and hey…don’t forget to follow me eh?


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