More and more as my exposure increases and my authority on the subjects of Costa Rica marketing and Costa Rica SEO also improves, I am constantly asked for tips and advice. What am I a charity? Do I look like the Red Cross?

Over the next while you will find a few changes here on my blog. I will start providing some incredibly valuable information that normally carries a healthy price-tag…FOR FREE. That’s right..FREE AS IN BEER. With one exception:

My Costa Rica SEO and online marketing newsletter

Coming soon you will begin to notice that some of my blog posts will be PASSWORDED. In order to ensure that you will be able to read all of my amazing and informative meanderings on subjects varying from SEO and Costa Rica marketing…to how to deal with thieves who steal your home(Don’t laugh…its actually possible here.), you will have to do something for me.

But how will you be able to get the golden key? Simple. Sign up for my newsletter!

I pat your back you pat mine. Not too much to ask now is it? I didn’t think so…see you soon on the VIP.

Pura vida.

PS: dont make the mistake of thinking this will only be concerning Costa Rica SEO or even solely for subjects pertaining to Costa Rica. I’ve got it all baby!


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