Recently I was treated to a private flight to Guanacaste. It was my first trip to Guanacaste and I have to admit…it’s like a whole other country up there.

Playa ConchalI toured around from Liberia to Playa Brasilito, Playa Conchal to Playa Flamingo and the Papagayo Marina. The beaches in Guanacaste are unlike any along the South/Central Pacific. These beaches are white sandy resort caliber beaches with waves no bigger than a few inches and lightly lapping the shoreline. One in particular stood out from the rest and I would go as far as to even call it, “Costa Rica’s Finest Beach“, is Playa Conchal. What a beach!

Playa Conchal consists of crushed coral/shells that separate this beach from the rest with its magical white glow and turquoise waters, Conchal truly is a special place.

Guanacaste is certainly “touristy” however it’s done with style. Development projects in Guanacaste “shame” projects of the Southern Zone. The projects I viewed in the north province were complete with asphalt roads, complete 100% infrastructure including water, electric, telephone and high speed internet. And your neighbors? $1+ million dollar homes! ┬áConstruction materials used are beyond what’s available to us here in the Southern Zone, with marble countertops, 24k gold fixtures and finishing touches that make your head spin. As Trump likes to say, “God is in the details.”

Flamingo Costa RicaFlying in to Liberia International I was fortunate enough to see the currently active, Turrialba volcano with puffs of smoke billowing from within. However, the return flight was even more exciting. Coming back I got to see three active volcanoes including Arenal, Poas and of course, Turrialba. Seeing them all in a row from 10,000′ in the air was something I will never forget.

I always knew Costa Rica was a special place but now it’s definitive. Where else in the world can you find such a small landmass that contains such diversity and beauty is beyond me. Guanacaste is like another country (actually reminded me of Cancun) with its white sandy beaches and prairie like landscape. Puntarenas with its mountainous terrain draping down to greet the sea and the Central Valley where ‘big city life’ can be experienced and then the Caribbean. The Caribbean is again, like no other part of Costa Rica. Here you get the Jamaican infusion, unique language (Creole English) and terrain that again, is unlike anywhere else with flatlands and year round rainy season and turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

More on this subject later but at least now I know that when I’m in need of a vacation….I can now take it without leaving Costa Rica by jaunting up to Guanacaste.


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