Apparently it was a wise decision to move my personal crap, on to it’s own site and off of SellingCR. Sure the traffic dropped a little on SellingCR as a result of not having all my ‘uniquely Don’ humor going on but you know what? Something else has occurred.

This site has become quite popular. So much so that the GA(Google Analytics), albeit pretty inaccurate, are showing a neck and neck race as far as traffic is concerned, between SellingCR and this site. That’s not a bad accomplishment considering it was only a few months ago that I moved my personal blog off SellingCR to start this WP blog.

I think however this deserves a little investigating so I think I am going to delve in to the inner workings of WP and see if that plays a big part in how other sites ‘affiliate’ to yours. Considering most of my sites are in Joomla!, this might be a factor as most of us know that Joomla! falls a little short in the ‘social’ linking aspect side of things.

Before I go though and sign off on this post, I need to mention that over the past year or so I’ve been closely monitoring Google Analytics because of some glaring discrepancies I had noticed over the years. I can now say that without a shadow of a doubt, Google Analytics only reports approximately 1/10th of the actual traffic that you are receiving. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself for a couple months. Take what GA says and compare it to the server side stats and you will see for yourself. Plus I welcome you to see for yourself what other SEO folk and web designers are saying. Google Analytics Not Accurate?

Realistically though one should realize by now that GA as most statistical analytic software, should be used for measuring trends and gauging other aspects of your SEO efforts rather than just traffic alone. I believe a combination of GA, server side, onsite, Alexa and SERPs is all one really needs in order to have a good idea of how well a site is performing.


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