costa rica seoWell…I’ve got that itch again. (and no not that one)

I’m thinking a trip is in order and right now there are a few locations on our radar. I’ve never been to Brasil…most particularly Rio. I’d love to see the Redeemer statue. Then there is Peru. This one hits close to home for me considering my fixation with ancient civilizations. A friend just got back not that long ago and posted pics on Facebook. Absolutely stunning. I need to go there someday…sooner rather than later actually.

And what would a trip planning be like without Canada? My home sweet home. Despite just returning from there in December, I’m thinking about popping back for another visit and to get Skyler’s paperwork in order.Considering spring is already in the air up there it might be a great time to swing in for a flash visit for a week or so with everyone.

Then there is the far fetched dream locale….ROME. I would absolutely kill to go and see this ancient city. I’ve had friends visit there and come back with tails that make me insanely jealous. All that ancient architecture has got to make your jaw drop when you see it. Not sure how soon this one will happen though.

None the less I will check out the prices. That is one of the bonuses of Costa Rica is that it is a fantastic jump point to travel all over. And not to mention THRIFTY. 😉


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