Online marketing is what floats this guy’s boat!

Being paid to do what you have a passion for is priceless. I’ve always believed that if you thoroughly enjoy what you do and you wake up every morning with a burning passion for your work, you will succeed. When shouldnt be a concern so long as you stick with it good things will come.

It was only a couple of months ago when I was beginning to question many things including my own sanity when it came to promoting local businesses online and now I have to turn down jobs.

I made a smart move when I began stretching my legs in to other areas of the country. I quickly realized that I would be loony toon if I continued trying to convince Dominical area businesses of the importance of online marketing so I chose to do something I’ve always believed in…BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!

After some hardcore guerrilla marketing of my own name and a few smaller contracts, I began to draw the attention of some of the largest companies in Costa Rica. The buzz was a stir about my abilities as a professional SEO infused copywriter with dozens of previous articles to attest to this ability it was only going to be a matter of time before someone caught on. Well, it happened.

A few high level negotiations ensued and with a plate full of opportunities to choose from, I decided I would align myself with what I felt were the most accomplished, trustworthy and proven companies. My online marketing firm based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is now locked up with a few long term contracts to keep Don…well….a very busy little bee for the next few years.

Footnote: I will be continuing to write hints and tips for my loyal Facebook Fans on my Costa Rica Marketing Fan Page. So if you are looking at doing a little online marketing on your own time, feel free to “Like” my fan page and follow along.


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