Driving. A lesson in respect thats for sure. Respect for the powers that be that actually issue licences to some of these people. Idiocy on that level don’t come around often. I’m not sure what part of the planet they teach people to travel at 100km/hr while driving 3m behind someone else’s bumper. Well that is what happened on Thursday when returning from San Jose over the Cerro de la Muerte (path of the dead). Ranked at #6 on the World’s Most Dangerous Roads list, the Cerro is not a good place to be. Not to mention in the rain, dark of night and the odd errant lightning bolt.

Thursday night (i myself was not driving…thank God!) I was in an accident. About 20mins outside of Perez Zeledon coming down the Cerro, we came up on a 90 degree corner while travelling behind a big ass rig and having Johnny on the Spot riding our ass behind us when around the bend comes another giant rig in the other direction…IN OUR LANE!

Needless to say this created a bit of a dilemma.

Now here we’ve got two rigs heading straight in to one another and a line up of cars behind each one. All in the pouring rain and the blackness of night on a 90 degree corner. Lovely.

Well Maic (driver of my car) had the skill to manuever to a stop just short of hitting the rig in front of us who’d at that point, veered in to the ditch on the right. Whew! But wait. Then I hear Maic say, “he’s gonna hit us” and in a split second the car (3m behind us) behind us driven by Johnny on the Spot, smoked in to the back of my car. But it wasn’t over. Then the third car that was travelling even closer than the second car, smoked in to the second car and shoved him even further in to the backseat of my car (exaggeration).

Once everyone was sure no one was injured, everyone began calling the traficos (traffic police). The first guy said they claimed they needed 1hr to get there. Lovely. Then Maic called and they said 2hrs. Then Maic called back and told them the situation was serious because of where it happened and that there is a high probability of another, more serious accident occurring. So what do they say then? 2 1/2 hours now. Why? Because they have ONE other accident in Perez Zeledon that happened first. AWESOME…

I then assessed the damages to my car, then weighed them against the value of my life and then thought f**k it I’m outta here. I did nothing wrong, being the front car and not hitting the rig so I was ok. Maic took pics and got numbers and we left. The incident could have been a lot worse and the damages to my car are expected to be minimal.

After that night, tortilla has a whole new meaning to me.


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