This. Well “this” appears to be the start of something.

In my last post I predicted a wave of positive energy heading my way. It’s beginning.

My time is managed more precisely and now affords me more time to myself and my family. I tell you, to be honest I lost this for awhile. I was so obsessed with my work that I didn’t know up from down nor left from right. I’m convinced that the Achilles heel of many great minds may have been lack of time management. Of course I am not referring to myself as “a great mind” I am merely pointing out an observation based on previous experiences.

I’ve been through this before…

Circumstances were different. The company I was keeping were different. The environment was different. Yet it was still simple ‘ol Don doing his thing in his own little world. When I get on to something, I’m like a rabid pitbull locked on to it’s prey. I believe the biggest difference this time round is that I actually do realize the importance of family and knowing when to turn it all off to appreciate ones life in general. I guess some might call it reflection. And I can credit Skyler for that the most.

What has this done for the quality of my work? I think the evidence is clear in my latest works whereas my creativity and intellect have shifted immensely for the better.

I often write about positive thinking and it’s importance in life yet I bet you’re thinking, do I practice it in real life? Abso-fricken-lutely!

I use to try and save the world. These days…I just say a little something like this:

“This is it. Fuck it. It is what it is.”

That being said, I’m freakin outta here. Peace.


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