Maybe you’ve noticed that many web sites and advertising mediums are shifting to the color orange — ever wonder why?

In marketing, the “little guys” (I include myself in this category) we have to look to the big players – industry leaders with skies the limit marketing budgets – to pour over the mountains of data and perform analytic research in to what converts and why. The real psychology behind a conversion.

I’m not suggesting the small fries don’t secure their own wealth of analytics over time – cause we do. What I am trying to point out is the sheer volume of data the large marketing organizations have giving them an advantage worthy of our attention whenever they feel generous enough to drop us some breadcrumbs.

inbound marketing orangeWith a good number of publicly available studies on the subject of the various elements of print/digital that convert higher than others and why, we can draw upon this treasure trove in order to make our own advertising produce better results.

When I decided to renovate this site I considered orange for two reasons.

The first – and most important – was that of all the popular colors used in sales pages for the “call to action”, the one stand-out for higher conversions than them all…was orange.

Maybe you don’t believe me but listen to this…

You may recall a company called Amazon? Now I’m sure it’s safe to say that we can all agree Amazon has a limitless budget when it comes to market research. So it’s also safe to say that they’ve probably done their research when it comes to overall design and color schemes. Next time you’re over at Amazon take note of the call to action button and what color they selected.

Orange call to action (CTA) buttons have proven to be the highest converting color of buttons you can have. Not only are they great for click-throughs but they also gain the most attention for some reason.

Another great example of a massive marketing company selecting orange as their primary color is Hubspot.

You think this is by accident?

I like to think not. In fact, I believe that these color schemes are strategically selected for their high conversions and broadest market appeal.

You will notice that Amazon is mostly white with the call to action orange as is the same with Hubspot and yours truly

I can attest to the fact that the moment I shifted this site from red and white to orange and white my conversions went up 25%.

I almost forgot to mention the second reason I selected orange as my color scheme is because it coincides with Hubspot’s inbound marketing color scheme of which I am a certified professional educator.

I’d be foolish if I wasn’t to put in a plug here…

If you are looking for a certified professional inbound marketing consultant with skills in content creation, direct response copywriting, SEO and reputation management, then contact me today!


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