By no means am I an expert on the subject of children however I have recently become a father and as my life changes, I’m finding myself pondering things…different things than before, a lot more often.

Today while watching a PBS flick called Extreme Cave Diving, there was a part near the end where they took samples of the stalactites within these “blue holes” as they called them. You see all of the caves in this flick were natural wells of sorts like found all over Mexico. They were in the Bahamas however. Anyways…when they began to analyze the stalactites, what they found was, evidence of repeated catastrophic climate changes roughly every 12,000 or so years. A couple of them were sudden. Extreme climate change at an unimaginable rate.

They also found evidence of plenty of iron also which is strange considering the Bahamas have no source of iron. The concluded by examining the residue, that the red layer was in fact sand from the Sahara desert brought there by severe sand storms that travelled the 4000km journey to the Americas across the Atlantic. Now we all know the fact is, that Africa is suffering severely from drought and the sand storms off the Sahara are actively growing not only in frequency but also in size. In other words…we are on the brink of a massive climate change whether you want to accept it or not. History always repeats itself.

So what I’m wondering, is if parents today will prepare their children for a world unlike the one we’ve been lucky to enjoy all these years. What if sea levels rise even 10 feet? This would produce millions and millions of climate change refuges and devastate almost all coastal metropolitan cities. In my humble opinion (yeah right eh?), I think, at the very least, we need to think ahead and prepare our children to not be reliant so much on grocery stores and the many things we take for granted these days.  I think we need to go back to the basics and teach agriculture first and foremost. I know I haven’t got a clue about agriculture but wouldn’t it be great if our children had the knowledge that if tomorrow, they couldnt go to the grocery store and buy food, they could grow it themselves?

Ancient civilizations like the Incans, Mayans and Egyptians, all mastered agriculture. For if they hadn’t…they wouldn’t have survived. Civilizations like the Incans knew more about agriculture than we know today. A good example of this ability is how Machu Pichu was built. Not only how but also where. We only see the beauty of Machu Pichu from the ruins remaining on the mountain when in reality, the real magic is what’s below the city.

With a father so passionate about ancient civilizations, maybe I will help lead Skyler using this passion, in to explaining to him how important agriculture has been through all the years of mankind. The invention of agriculture has been mankind’s most incredible accomplishment. Yes even more so than the industrial revolution.

Will all this new evidence coming to the surface about what is being fed to us via the mega corporations and the lack of confidence we have in our governments to ensure our safety first, the food supply is not such an appetizing (no pun intended) thing to think about. I’ve changed my diet drastically over the past few years. I no longer drink milk, artificial sugars like Aspartame and Splenda, no red meat and all my eggs are free range from locals in the community. Water? Well that is a whole nothing article all together but I can say that my next property will have a natural spring SOURCE on site.

So long story longer…what will you teach your kids knowing that the world is heading for certain change…and quickly.


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