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So yeah…it’s been quite awhile since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been a very busy bee.

The universe has been very generous to me lately and for that I have all the appreciate one can imagine. While it is true that things are going very well for me at this time, I do keep myself firmly grounded by reflecting back to Xmas 2011 when life was tough…really tough.

My entire life I’ve always believed in the premise behind the new-age self help phenomenon like The Secret and What the Bleep!

At an early age I learned the power behind the law of attraction. My father – a devout union leader – always taught me that hard-work and perseverance were the keys to success in life. The lesson – although valuable – came from a completely different mindset than what would develop inside of his son.

I recall being approximately 8 years old and sitting at the dinner table eating when I blurted out my opinion on unions. You see first it’s important to understand that my father was president of BC’s largest paperworkers union for 14 years and as you can imagine, he was very loyal to the belief that unions are for the best of the employees. Back to my story…I recall telling my father that I didn’t agree with unions and that I felt they – for the most part – bullied companies to get what they wanted under threat of strike action. Calmly he’d tell me that, “son…you don’t understand. you see we want the company to succeed and we feel that it’s only fair that when the company posts record numbers, that they share that with the people responsible for bring that to them.”

In response I would say, “so Dad…if the company loses money…will you take a pay cut?”

You can imagine the response to that.

If you’re taking flak from the enemy then you know you’re over the target

Needless to say that my entire life I’ve fended for myself – in fact throughout my adult life (began working for myself at 13), I’ve worked for someone else  approximately 2.5 years combined between two jobs. The rest have been self-employed.

So although the lessons my Dad taught me were solid and applicable to anyone, I’ve chosen a different path for myself that required 100% responsibility. This is probably what I love most about being my own boss…the responsibility is all mine! Working 9 to 5 is not who I am and for many this works…just not for me.

I’ve always been a competitive person and providing for myself – and now family – is at the very core of what drives me.

Christmas of 2011 was a tough time in my life – I’ve had a few – when I had no idea where the money would come from I just knew it would come. I recall sitting down with my better half at the table and calculating how much was the minimum we needed to survive. She would stop in the middle of this conversation and look at me…

“Are you not afraid?”, she would say to me.

For which I responded, “No! And please…please don’t focus on how or when and just trust that it will be A-OK.”

Two weeks later…things began to change and I was securing anchor/lead clients. I quickly became booked through 2014 and then became CMO for Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM. I was at the top of my game.

Today? Well these days it’s continuing with the same prosperity and at an even faster velocity. I try my best to remain grateful every day moving forward as this magical and abundant life envelopes myself…and my family as we move ahead on this amazing ride.

But I’ve been here before…

You see when I lived back in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, my life was very financially secure. But I lacked other elements to life that make up “success”. I had no children. I had a miserable relationship with little to no substance. I had severe health problems (went blind) and had issues with my family and the inlaws. The only thing I did have was…MONEY.

This time around things are very different. This time I have an incredible partner who also happens to be the mother of my son Skyler – my entire universe – who supports me in my work and anything I set out to accomplish. I have an incredible relationship with extended family and my own family back home. I’m doing what I thoroughly love and have a deep passion for. I am healthy and eat some of the world’s most freshest and exotic fruit and vegetables day in and day out. And I do it all while living in one of the most amazing and beautiful locations in the world…Costa Rica. Oh and yes…the money has also returned in abundance.

So maybe life is a full circle and this time round…I don’t plan on wasting a single second of it.


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