I mean seriously now folks. We all know I own and operate CRNS, a Costa Rica news site offering up the largest selection of timely news in Costa Rica but…what the hell is up with my¬†colleagues?

You see I am a man of my word. Once you have it, all I would suggest is that you don’t break yours. Simple no?

However it would appear that those who decided to reneg on their word and didn’t have the courtesy of telling me why or what, they tend to whine the most after the fact.

I have *tried* to work honestly with a few of the Costa Rica news guys in the field and 100% of them…appear to have problems keeping their word. And to be honest, I don’t really like that too much. Remember rule #1 with me? Ya well these guys tend to overlook the dishonesty they’d shown me in the past and whine to any who will listen.

Controversy? Something I am VERY familiar with. Also not something I am terribly bothered by either.

“Good publicity or bad publicity…it’s still publicity.”

With that being said I would say to them…stop your whining and spend a little less time worrying about what every else is doing and spend a little more time improving your sites. After all…

“If you can’t beat them, out-succeed them.”

*take it for what it is (advice from your nemesis) but I would suggest you channel that spite in to focusing on that competitive spirit and try to keep up or even better, surpass me. Besides, some of you are already there so chill out and enjoy the view. Pura vida!


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