With the rise of communism in Kanada and the You-Nited States people are discovering how-to get CoasterRico real property value is.

Did you understand that? Me either.

You see here in lies a fundamental problem with Costa Rica SEO “specialists” who, by day can be found surfing the incredible waves Costa Rica is known for, but come nightfall, if they are not partying on your dollar, they are posting crap like the above and attaching your company name to it.

This leads us back to what I’ve said all along about hiring part-time Costa Rica SEO specialists that otherwise might be serving sub sandwiches at the local Subway. Remember, your company name is attached to everything these people do and it is in your best interest – not theirs – to have quality material being released.

Keep in mind however that although I reference Costa Rica SEO throughout this article, this applies to ALL SEOs no matter where they are.

There are exceptions…

If you are on a backlink building campaign whereas your Costa Rica SEO is simply leveraging the power of contextual links (links embedded in spun or not spun, content). More often than not these contextual links are surrounded by a jumbled mix of words that serve one purpose only…Google thinks it’s unique content. In turn, this type of content is not meant to be human readable.

[message type=”simple”]Definition for article spinning:
Article spinning is a search engine optimization technique by which blog or website owners attempt to manipulate their rank on Google…
More info ┬╗Source – Wikipedia[/message]

Costa Rica SEOOn the other hand we have article and PR marketing. This type of marketing is where your article is blasted out to numerous article directory sites and PR release centres. These types of releases go out over affiliate sites and spread across the Net rapidly and exposing you and your business to the masses in record time. Now although this is another good strategy for Costa Rica SEO, it is important to realize that the percentage of human visitors/readers will outnumber the search engine crawlers. Therefore logic should tell you that if your target market is favored more by one demographic than the next…you might want to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Where’s the happy medium here? I’ll tell you.

The biggest challenge is getting your Costa Rica SEO to understand that you don’t want nor will accept, content written like a 3 year old. Additionally you need to make them understand that submitting the same article (unspun) to 1000’s of article directories is a bad idea given how we all know Google hates duplicate content. And then even when they do spin the articles, it is important that they are ALL hand spun – which is when you don’t leave it up to a computer program and ONE BUTTON SPIN options but rather you hand pick the synonyms yourself. One by one. Yes it is time consuming which is why many Costa Rica SEO peeps don’t want to do it. However the time invested in this regard is money well spent.

So next time you are talking to your Costa Rica SEO guy – consider asking him about how your business is being marketed. In the end, everything your Costa Rica SEO does affects you and your business in one way or another.

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