Remember the days before Linkedin? Oh…I forgot that Linkedin is the #1 most under-rated social network in the world. That means there is a good chance you don’t even realize the power it holds. Let me explain.

Linkedin was designed by professionals for professionals – in fact it’s the professionals network!

One of the greatest benefits to recruiters on Linkedin, is that they offer a complete 360° perspective of the potential candidates. It’s not just a name and email we are talking about here – Linkedin gives insight in to the professional history of the prospect on a level previous not seen on the Internet.

Sure there were others before Linkedin – Monster was one of them and in fact, continues to this day in a diminished capacity due to the overwhelming dominance Linkedin holds.

The fact is that Linkedin is a network. Not just any network but a “social network”. Herein lies the enormous advantage Linkedin holds over it’s predecessors.

Being inaugurated in to the “inner circle” of universally accepted social networks is what catapulted Linkedin from obscurity to the limelight.

But how is it possible that such a powerful network could fly under the radar for so long – even to this day! (Click here for more on leveraging the power of social media marketing)

The problem is a breakdown in understanding the social placement of Linkedin and how a professionals only social network can fit in. Let’s face it – you look at the child’s play going on over at Twitter and Facebook and some of that stigma rubs off on Linkedin.

It’s an associated guilt that gives Linkedin an aura of being nothing but another tweedle dee tweedle dum social network of time waste.

Often people know they should be on Linkedin and even go ahead and sign up for an account — yet the majority never utilize it.

The truth of it is…Linkedin a virtual playground of qualified, savvy and professional recruiters just looking to connect job seekers, passive or agressive, with hiring managers.

Did you know that ALL Fortune500 companies have profiles on Linkedin?

So next time you find yourself in the job market, consider Linkedin. If you are new to Linkedin and don’t want to waste a lot of time getting to learn all it’s intricacies, then check out my new book labeled “Become a Linked Lion Today“.


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