Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this post in to something it’s not – I’m flat out going to tell you that if you are in the market for a seasoned SEO copywriter…you best do so with eyes wide open.

The SEO copywriter hasn’t been around long. Let me rephrase that actually…the “term” SEO copywriter hasn’t been around long. In fact, the emergence of the SEO copywriter came about when the obvious became clear – writing captivating ad copy and getting it to rank well, will increase your exposure exponentially.

Let’s face it – the greatest challenge to many copywriters (online or offline) is figuring out where to get the traffic (readers) to read their ad copy? Enter SEO for the digital realm of copywriting.

Search engine optimization has been around since indexing robots went mainstream in December of 1993. However the SEO and copywriter cocktail never really came about until somewhere between 1997 and 1999.

SEO copywriterSuccessWorks, today’s SEO copywriting “go to” site, claims to have been the first copywriting organization to blend the two. This claim has never been proven or refuted to any degree however it is in my personal opinion that this is not entirely accurate and I believe that a woman by the name of Jill Whalen came up with the term before SuccessWorks.

A man named Danny Sullivan coined the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” in August of 1997.

Now this doesn’t mean SEO hadn’t long before then, laid it’s roots. In fact, SEO began back in the mid 90s with the inception of search engines.

I myself discovered the importance of writing quality ad copy and combining that with SEO infusion in order to tap, what was virtually unrealized at that time, search engine traffic.

Am I saying I invented SEO copywriting? Absolutely not! But what I am saying is that I certainly exploited the methods of SEO copywriting back in 1997 myself when I was busy preparing my ultimate product launch that would shatter many Internet records at that time.

Seriously though…just how successful were my SEO copywriting efforts? How’s about a 14k a month Internet bill for my shoebox sized office? This was for the sole purpose of handling the traffic flow I MYSELF, was generating using self taught primitive SEO and copywriting methods.

It was a runaway success to say the least.

Now that being said, although I disagree with anyone in particular claiming rights to the term or even trade as a whole, I do believe that there were a few of us around at that time who were all doing the same thing except at the time, it hadn’t been labeled as such.

The SEO copywriter could be looked in a variety of different shades of light.

The SEO industry as a whole has a negative stigma attached to it for the most part. Is it deserved? That’s tough to say considering any industry with such diversity and unproven and uncertain standards of operation, is bound to be thrown in to question. Remember the snake oil salesmen? Not to mention that when you have so-called “professionals” running around acting like children…you’re bound to find questionable activity.

Then again there are those of us who prefer to focus more on improving our skills as SEO copywriters rather than chasing around our colleagues to attempt professional sabotage in order to feed our juvenile egotistical minds. Right William?

Moving on…whenever you are considering hiring an SEO copywriter it is best to only do so after doing some due diligence. Do they have reputable references that can be verified? Have they achieved success in the past with either another company or for themselves? And most importantly…do they possess the proven education through experience that only being thrown in the trenches can give them?

If not then the only thing your SEO copywriter is capable of giving you is a bunch of cliché jargon available from any SEO copywriter with a Cracker Jack box title they picked up after reading and purchasing the latest WSO on How To Make Millions Being An SEO Copywriter Overnight!

The true to the name SEO copywriter, will always walk that line between user experience and SEO. It is important to note that the old school ways of writing content stuffed to the gills with keywords…are long past. Any qualified SEO copywriter will understand the importance of keeping a balance between the user experience and the SEO elements. This is when you know you’ve found your SEO copywriter.


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