SEO is the #1 choice of Internet Marketers

With 2012 right around the corner, there has been increased attention towards the ‘real world value’ of quality SEO.

The thought of calculating the ROI of SEO will make search optimization specialists quiver and CEOs trigger happy looking to drop the hammer for their own lack of understanding and/or patience to wait out the time it takes to fully realize the value of quality SEO.

SEO is NOT a quick solution by any means. If you head down the path of hiring any sort of SEO firm, you’d better be prepared to not only sign a minimum contract but to also understand that these contracts are put in place for a reason – this is because in order to gauge the results of SEO, one must wait a period of time of, and this is my personal opinion, between 3-6 months.

As of late, reputable SEO publications are reporting a rise in SEO awareness amongst businesses. This is a good sign that more and more CEOs are beginning to realize the importance of search engine optimization. In fact, a Marketcircle report showed that, out of those 2500 businesses surveyed, the #1 most important marketing element was by far…SEO. (Search Engine Land article)

This begs to question…will 2012 be the year to go down in the record books as the Year of SEO Awareness?

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PS: remember that your SEO marketing budget is relative to your results – minimal budget = minimal results.


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