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Craigslist. The site is #5 on the top most visited sites on the Net. It receives over 50 billion page views a month. Yeah…50 BILLION!!!

So I figured it was time to investigate and spend a little more time researching what can be done on Craigslist with regards to Costa Rica SEO strategies.

Craigslist is a world-wide classifieds site that prides itself on simplicity and ease of use. With that in mind, Craigslist has really tied down the hatches on what is permitted and what isn’t. For this reason I had to get REALLY creative.

You see the challenges are plentiful in that CL does not permit a laundry list of items: they allow HTML but no background images, CSS, font colors, direct file links and many other tags and more. Why are they so tight?

A while back CL sat back and watched as the adult industry took over the “Therapeutic Services” category. They did this quite easily by utilizing some great images whether front facing or background. Additionally they were incorporating some tricky coding also. So…next thing you know CL locks it down and then levies fees to certain categories.

However with a challenge like that I had to step up.

Sure it took me two solid days to figure it out…the end result is spectacular. Or at least that is what the preliminary feedbacks are saying. I mean seriously though, how could I just start hitting CL hard while maintaining the status-quo. No. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd in order the garner the attention of your slice of the 50 billion!




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