Its like the good old fashion rivalry between Windows/PC and the Mac. In more ways than one actually.

Yes…yes it’s true. I am a diehard Mac fan. Now before you jump to conclusions PC lovers I would suggest a little research first. I’ve built over 3000 PCs in my life and repaired possibly double that. I am certified MCSE and have my ticket for A+ certification. I also have my Intel and AMD certification. I guess what I am trying to say is I know my way around a PC. Why Mac? Well this isn’t about that but I will say one thing: I use Mac because THEY JUST WORK!

What’s this got to do with Joomla! and WordPress?

Costa Rica SEO

Today I migrated from my old Costa Rica News site platform of Joomla!, over to WordPress. Brave move? You bet.

I’ve done it quite a few times over the past few years and probably will continue in to the future. I’m even getting use to the fact that I know Google will hammer me in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for stripping over 1000 web pages off the Internet in one foul swoop.

What choice do I have? Do I take the next 3 months and write 301 redirects for each page? No. So what do I do…hmmm…well for one I could just take it down and pretend they never existed. Not normally the way to do SEO but hey…I’m an outta of the box kinda guy. I take my beatings like a man. Always have, always will. I realize the punishment is coming and I’m prepared to wait it out. The revival will be great. That is what I tell myself. It always is. And in this case it will be EXCEPTIONAL.

WordPress is without a doubt, far superior to Joomla! in many ways. Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that after talking up Joomla! all these years? Well the time has come where I could no longer ignore the obvious. WordPress kicks the shit out of Joomla! with respect to SEO.

Costa Rica SEO being one of my main focuses, I had to make a decision for Costa Rica News Site. The choice was to ditch it all from the Joomla! days, including articles, and start fresh with WordPress. I know I know. All those articles over the years, gone forever. Oh well I will get over it so can you!

Costa Rica SEOThis is to a bright future ahead with WordPress leading the way forward and making my job, Costa Rica SEO, a lot flippin easier when I no longer have to worry about module conflicts, site crashes (although out of the gate its been interesting with WP also) and the Achilles heel of Joomla!…the URLs of nightmares past. When will Joomla! ever get their URL structure right? I know there are many SEO components out there (and I’ve tried them all) but really folks, overall they dont really work worth a damn and if you change just one little thing in 1000 page site…ITS A NIGHTMARE!

Now using my Costa Rica SEO talents and a little hard nosed marketing, the Costa Rica News Site is fully monetized and running like a finely tuned SEO/marketing machine it should have been years ago. Just how effective has it been? Well let’s put it this way: the first day I saw an increase in revenue from adsense by 1000%. How’s them apples?

I actually believe the best part of this experience is the knowledge I can now take away from this and utilize for my design and SEO clients. So if you are in need of a web designer or SEO agent, I’m always available to listen to your ideas and projects and how we can work together to make it a big success.

Costa Rica SEO is not all I do you know? 😉


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