When it comes to Linkedin there appears to be a “love hate” kind of thing going on…

I will be the first to say how much I appreciate this über popular social network for professionals. In fact I even wrote a book on it. (

But here’s the thing…

Understanding that the very foundation of what Linkedin is about is based on the concept of “sharing” information – albeit in a more aristocratic manner than other social networks like Twitter and Facebook – the core principle is to network and share information. So what happens when this fails to function in a “professional” capacity? A disconnect begins to form between Linkedin and it’s members – both paying subscribers and free users.


Linkedin: you explain it to my over-obsessed girlfriend why!

Imagine…if just for a moment…if the staple Facebook “Like” button ceased to function properly and whenever you wanted to “Like” something, the information that was infact posted to your FB profile was entirely different than the actual content you “Liked”. For example: you’re an MMA fan and you’d just finished watching Anderson Silva destroy Bonnar in the 1st round of UFC 153 – you then decide that you want to share this excitement with your friends and you “Like” the video highlights of the fight. Well lone and behold – imagine the shock when you discover that what in fact was posted to your FB profile was a fight from Anderson Silva alright however it was one from 2010 rather than the October 2012 date of Anderson Silva fighting Stephan Bonnar.

This is what Linkedin’s “Share Button” is doing and has been doing for over a year now.

For well over a year now I’ve been complaining (as have others) about the fact that whenever I share a post from my blog on to Linkedin, it is retaining a cached version of my site title and photo. I mean seriously though – I changed this site well over a year ago to the current WP site you see now yet Linkedin continues to this day to retrieve ancient cached data of my site.

Now you might think that a corporate giant like Linkedin would be all over this important and critical element to the share-ability of their network…NOPE!

This example ( shows but one sample of a thread on their developer forum where people are growing irate over such an incredibly vast and important company to the social stratosphere, completely ignoring the issue that has been haunting them for almost two years now.

So to you Linkedin I have this to say…

You never call. I never know where you are. Where is this relationship going?

I truly and wholeheartedly hope that one day Linkedin will step up and realize how much this is hurting them and actually allocate some of their incredibly knowledgeable resources to fixing this issue.


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